As you may know, currently NeuTrafiX is capable to provide you few Reporting Document to support your Finance Team for the Accounting purpose automatically, such as:

  1. NeuTrafiX Buyer usage summary 
  2. NeuTrafiX Monthly SoA 
  3. NeuTrafiX Monthly Invoice

But starting from October 2023, we made some configuration changes for above mentioned reports.

For NeuTrafiX Buyer usage summary, we still send it to all Buyer by default like we did from the beginning. But now we are enabling the Monthly Invoice to all the Buyers and disabling the Monthly SoA. So you should receive the Monthly Invoice on the 1st of every month, starting on 1st November 2023. For the Monthly SoA, we can send it just if there any request from the respective member, or you can also request it directly from NeuTrafiX. Here are the steps to request it:

  1. Go to your Buyer account, select the Statement of Account under the Reports menu
  2. You can choose the period according your needsthen click Request. The system will send it to your email based on the email id that selected on our Advance Notification Setting

And for your additional information, you can see all the reports and notification that sent from our system on the Notification menu. Please open this article for more information Advance Alert and Notification