To request a payment for traffic being terminated on your routes, follow the below steps:


1. Sign in to your seller account with your root user account (sub-users won't be able to request payouts)

2. Click on Money >> Withdraw & choose the delivery type and applicable choice.



3. Enter the payout amount you wish to receive from your balance.


You do not need to re-enter bank details. it is already saved on file.


4. Click Send Request.

5. You can monitor the status of your payment on the payout history page.


Payout Status:


In Review: NeuTrafiX Finance team is reviewing the payout request currently, it's under review.


Pending: NeuTrafiX Finance team has submitted the payment request to Bank and waiting for confirmation.


Completed: NeuTrafiX Finance team has confirmed that the amount has been wired successfully to the vendor.


Please watch the following video for more details.

For billing inquiries, always contact