In order to be able to have a the full access in to our system, there’s the second step to complete. 

The first one, you need to provide the KYC document after signup to get full access & unlock online payments on NeuTrafiX. The second one you need to signed NeuTrafiX Membership Agreement.

Please share your The KYC Document using this email that consist of : 
  1. Memorandum & Articles Of Association
  2. Business Registration Document
  3. Bank Endorsement/Bank Statement

Please check your email and signed NeuTrafiX Membership AgreementThe NeuTrafix Membership Agreement is sent from this sender (email address): Telin Hong Kong via DocuSign <>

After above steps done, we will unlock the online payment on NeuTrafiX and you will get the full access of NeuTrafiX, please click here for further assistance.