The Phone Number Lookup Script is a  tool designed to automate the process of querying phone numbers through a HLR API. It is particularly useful for businesses and individuals who need to perform bulk phone number validations or inquiries. This article provides a concise guide on how to use this script effectively.


  • Python: The script is written in Python, so ensure you have Python installed on your machine.

  • Required Libraries: The requests and csv libraries are used. They can be installed via pip: pip install requests.


  1. Credentials: Update the script with your API credentials. Replace 'your_username' and 'your_password' with your actual Buyer username and API key for HTTP Digest Authentication. You can download the Script on this article attachment.

  2. You can find the API Login and Key on the right side of your Buyer Dashboard

  3. Phone Numbers: Input the list of phone numbers you wish to lookup. Add them to the phone_numbers list within the script


  • Run the script using a Python interpreter. This can be done by navigating to the script's directory in the command line and typing python


  1. API Integration: The script makes POST requests to an API endpoint for each phone number and handles HTTP Digest Authentication.

  2. Logging: It logs both successful lookups and errors, providing timestamps for each event.

  3. Progress Tracking: The script prints messages to the console, indicating its start, the progress with each phone number, and when it completes.

  4. CSV Output: Results are automatically saved to a CSV file, lookup_results.csv, allowing for easy data management and review.

Error Handling

  • The script includes basic error handling for network issues and unexpected API responses, ensuring stability during bulk operations.


This Phone Number Lookup Script is an efficient solution for handling multiple phone number inquiries through an API in one execution. Its simplicity, combined with powerful features like logging and CSV output, makes it an ideal tool for various business and data management needs.


  • Always ensure compliance with API usage policies and rate limits. Proper handling of sensitive data, such as phone numbers and authentication credentials, is crucial for security and privacy.