HLR Lookup is a real time query of subscriber information stored in a mobile network operator's Home Location Register (HLR). An HLR is a database with context and status information about every mobile phone in a mobile network and forms the backbone of subscriber data.

In NeuTrafiX, we provide you this HLR Lookups feature and now we are happy to welcome TMT Analysis as our selected partner.

How to use HLR Lookups feature on NeuTrafiX:

  1. Go to your Buyer Account, then select HLR Lookup menu on your left menu bar 
  2. You can simply search the phone number that you want to query and select your preferred Billing/Wallet account. Choose the HLR Vendor. Then click Lookup 
  3. You can see the status information of the number like below. And please note that the price for each query is $0.0015 USD

This HLR Lookups feature is also available through API. So if you are interested with this feature, please feel free to contact one of our Account Manager or NeuTrafiX Support (promo@neutrafix.net).

Please note that we are still in the process to develop this feature to be more advance and easy for the buyer to search bulk request, select your own carrier, and many more. So please stay tune with NeuTrafiX for the incoming updates.