Now NTX provides a feature for sellers to choose whether they want to Allow or Block certain CLID (Caller IDs) by entering the starting number or full CLID in the menu.

  1.  Go to your Seller Account, and then find My Routes button under Routes Menu
  2. Choose your prefered Route, then click the Setting Icon on the right side of the table
  3. Scroll down, and you will find our CLI Policy Management. On this picture below, the policy was set Deny Listed. Which means that all calls with CLID starting with or equals to (6519) will be rejected 
  4. Or, in our new enhancement, you can change the Deny Listed option into Zero Trust by clicking the red marked buttonWhich means that if for example there is a call comes with 166100000001 it will be rejected with SIP 503 “Service Unavailable”