With NeuTrafiX’s Advanced Automatic Number Identification (ANI), you can automatically manage and identify unknown calls by allowing & denying a single or multiple identification for all incoming traffic.

 To access this feature, follow the below steps:


  1. Go to Seller account, go under “My Routes”. Choose the Route you want to edit and click Route Edit by clicking the icon in the right side of the table
  2. Scroll down to CLI Policy Management section. You can choose to Deny listed or Allow listed based on your preference. If you choose Deny listed, means that all the prefix in the list will be denied and allow the rest. Allow listed is the opposite. Put the prefix you want to deny/allow on the Add CLI section. 
    Example in the picture below means that any incoming traffic from +62851 shall be blocked by the system
  3. And if a prefix/CLI has been successfully blocked, there will be a notification like this on the top of the page