Now seller can Approve or Reject buyer’s request manually based on their preference.

To access this feature, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Seller account, and go under “My Routes”. Choose the Route you want to edit and click Route Edit by clicking the Icon in the right side of the table
  2. Under “Routes Edit” page, you can see the check box if you need Manual Approval for the upcoming Buyer. So they can approve or reject those requests based on their preference.
  3. If there any Buyer waiting for your Approval, it should be shown on the Buyers Awaiting Approval section like the picture below. Then you can choose Approve or Reject those Buyer based on your preferences
  4. If you decide to Approve and its succeed, then it would be a notification like this      
  5. An email notification will be sent immediately after Buyer are approved. This is the sample email