After the registration process is completed and once you have the access to NeuTrafiX portal, you will need to connect your SMS Platform to NeuTrafiX. If you willing to continue as a NeuTrafix Buyer, please follow the Buyer Guide . On the other hand, if you willing to continue as a NeuTrafix Seller, please follow the Seller Guide

By default, in NeuTrafiX, there are 2 connection types available*:

  1. SMPP over IP Public. This is the simplest way to connect to NeuTrafiX. The connection between your SMS Platform with NeuTrafiX SMPP Proxy can be set on the NeuTrafiX portal. Only the registered and pre-defined connections in NeuTrafiX portal can be connected to NeuTrafiX.
  2. SMPP over TLS. This is the option connection type if you need more secure connection.

*Note : if you need SMPP over VPN connection type or having a difficulty in the setup, please send your request or report to