Numbers Private Exchange help seller to directly offer special rate/discount/deal as per direct dealing between buyer and seller. The Private Exchange here means the rates offered under this option are kept private and thus will not be visible to other Neutrafix members in the market view or in the seller profile page. This will facilitate Direct Dealing and privacy between buyer/seller.

Here is the flow for selling Numbers with Private Exchange:

Selling Single Number with Private Exchange

  1. Go to My Numbers Menu
  2. Click Sell New Number
  3. Setup the Number and  Check "Private Exchange" 
  4. Back to My Numbers. Check Private Exchange and click Submit. Then click Edit on the number you want to Private 

  5. Scroll Down to the Private Exchange buyers section. Add Buyer you want to allow to see the Private number. Then click Allow

Selling Bulk Number with Private Exchange

  1. Go to "My Numbers" menu, then click Download All Numbers 
  2. Set up the number. In the Private Number cell, fill the value with “1” to make it Private

  3. Back to “My Numbers” page, click Browse button. Find the csv file, and upload it

  4. Click Submit and the numbers already published

  5. To select specific buyer, please follow step 4 and 5 in the "Selling Single Number with Private Exchange" before