You can add another user from your main account to access your new NeuTrafiX account by simply add from "Buyer" -> "Settings" -> "Web User" 

1. Click "Buyer" -> "Settings" -> "Web User"

2. Click Invite button

3. Please invite them by filling the form, you must put the Email, Phone Number (for 2FA) and the name of the new user, please also select the role, is it Dual Access, meaning the user could be a buyer and seller, or just "Buyer Only Access"

4. Once the user registered on the system, the portal will inform you that the new user has been added, and the Neutrafix will send the invitation email to ask the user that you already added to activate their account. They could not access Neutrafix unless they already activated their account through their email.

5. Your new user will get the email as below, please click on the link to create the login / password

6.  To create a web user, your new user should input the Username and Password, thank click submit. The user and password will be added on the account.