To access your profile settings, go to your dashboard and click the icon in the top right corner on the Profile Summary box as shown in the picture below:

After clicking the icon, the page will redirect to the Profile Settings as shown in the picture below:

There are 3 parts/boxes in this page (Login Settings, Route Protection Setting, Company Profile). Each of them have their own form. Here are the details explanation for the each forms:

1. Login Settings

Profile Login: Username used to login and it is the display name advertised for other platform members.

Email Address: Primary email address used for password reset and CC'd in all platform notifications.

SMS Phone: Phone number associated with your account and used for login verification.

Financial Phone: Phone number used to verify all payment related transactions.

Password: Used to change to your account password.

Confirm Password: Used when changing the password to confirm entry.

2-Step Verification: When checked, an OTP will be sent to SMS phone to verify login (Every 30 Days)

Login Timeout: Used to set the web session inactivity timeout.

2. Route Protection Setting

Email Me Daily Stats: When checked the system sends a daily email with CDRs and ASR/ACD Report. (to be noted, for now we just support CDRs daily stats only) *Note that currently, the Daily Stats only available for voice stats.

Max Allowed Price: The value is in USD and It defines the maximum rate your account is allowed to send traffic to.

Allow API Access: When checked API access is allowed to the platform.

API Key: Your API key to be used accessing the platform. (Requires Allow API Access to be enabled)

3. Company Profile

Company Name: Your company name.

Address: Your company's registered address.

Phone: Your company's phone number.

Public Email: This email will be advertised on the platform for other members.

NOC Email: This email receives quality monitoring and direct messages notifications.

Rates Email: This email receives purchased routes / rates updates / technical details notifications.

Financial Email: This email receives Top up / Payout related notifications.

Commercial Email: This is your commercial related email and doesn't receive any automatic notifications. 

Rates Subject Template: Customizes the rates email subject to fit your business requirements.