While you're waiting on your credentials, set up and enable a NeuTrafiX trunk with PEER DETAILS that look like this:











host= sip.neutrafix.telin.net







(1) No registration to make SIP calls is required. NeuTrafiX  only permits calls through your account if there's a match on your registered IP address from the calling party. You can have multiple accounts with different IP addresses, and all can share your pot of money that you set up via PayPal.


(2) Create an account in the NeuTrafiX  portal for each of your PBXs with a public IP address. Don't worry about dynamic IP addresses. You can change your IP addresses in the  NeuTrafiX portal at any time. One account is set up as part of the registration process. You can add more under Accounts tab.


(3) To add money to your account, click on + at the top of portal beside the sign. Start small. Tutorial here.


(4) Next step is to choose one or more carriers that service the area you wish to call. Click the Market View tab and enter the Dialing Prefix for the area you wish to call in the Prefix field, e.g. for U.S. destinations, try 1843 or 14o4; for U.K., use 44, etc. Change Order By to PRICE. Change Results per Pageto 30. Click Search button. When you have identified a carrier you like, click + to add the carrier to your account. Tutorial here.


(5) Each carrier has a unique dialing prefix. For example, a good generic carrier with good rates is Seller X. Once you add them to your account, you will see their unique trunk dialing prefix: 32270#. You'll need this in the next step to set up an Outbound Route on your PBX.


(6) Create an Outbound Route to match each carrier. For example, to place U.S. calls through Seller X using 10-digit dialing, create an Outbound Route called Seller X. For the Route CID, enter your 10-digit home or office number. For the Trunk Sequence, choose NeuTrafiX  trunk. For the Dial String, enter:


Prepend: 32270#1

Match Pattern: NXXNXXXXXX



For International Calls using the same Seller X , add a second Trunk Sequence. We recommend a 2-digit prefix matching the country abbreviation (not the country code) preceded by a zero, e.g. U.K. = 085. So the Dial String would look like the following to make calls to London. .



Prepend: 32270#4420

Prefix: 085

Match Pattern: XXXXXXXX



This tells Incredible PBX to drop the 085 and dial country code 44 + city code 20 + XXXX-XXXX when the Incredible PBX caller dials 085-XXXX-XXXX. If you wanted a more generic U.K. dial string covering every city instead of just London, change the Prepend entry to 32270#44 and add 2 X's for the city code: XXXXXXXXXX. You can obviously come up with your own scheme that is easy for you and your users to remember based upon where you make frequent calls.


(7) Assuming you have funded your account, linked the funds to the account with the IP address of your PBX, and chosen Seller X as one of your carriers, you're ready to make a call. Let's try the Ritz Carlton in London. From any extension, dial 085-7781-0000. Or to make a U.S. call, dial any 10-digit number.