NeuTrafiX Sellers must add a route before start receiving traffic from NeuTrafiX Buyers, 

Set your termination IP addresses and configure termination prices and parameters.

Understanding Prefixes and Translation Rules:

NeuTrafiX would send you calls in international format, for example 18661234567 for USA toll free. You can change it with below settings. 

You can strip first N digits with (1), if (1) is set to 4 there will be a translation 18661234567- e.g;1234567. 

Using setting (2) you can strip certain country codes, or prefixes left after (1). As an example to strip country codes for Netherlands, Russia and UK you set (2) to '31,7,44'. Rule (3) Allows to add a resulting prefix to all calls after aplying (1) and (2).

Please watch this video tutorial for more details.