How to search voice termination rates using Market View?


1. NeuTrafiX Market View tool offers comprehensive features to find routes opportunities instantly, in the below example we demo how to search  CLI  routes to Saudi Arabia. The market view feature queries NeuTrafiX sellers routes Database and returns the results of the routes the buyer is searching for instantly.



2. To Purchase/Interconnect with a route click on the + icon next to the seller name.


The icon "i" or INFO icon will pop-up the detailed information regarding the route, as shown in the
 picture below

*Notice that in the picture above there is Seller total payouts, which actually display how much money a seller has withdrawn from the system.

3. E-mail will be sent to Buyer's e-mail address with Technical details, Prefix, IP.

4- Buyer may start sending traffic instantly to seller once the route has been purchased.


Note: Seller receives an instant notification once the buyer purchases the route provided by the seller.


To review seller information click on the seller Name and you'll be redirected to seller profile instantly, the profile page includes rating and reviews on the seller.