NeuTrafiX accepts Bank Transfer, Credit Card/Stripe, and PayPal

You can recharge your NeuTrafiX buyer account instantly in several ways instantly. Please note that for Stripe and Paypal option, it will be disabled by default and if there is a request to open those payment methods, the customer needs to open a request ticket here

Top up via Bank Wire Transfer (DBS Virtual Account):

To make a top-up via bank wire transfer, please use the below account details.

P.S: make sure that sending company name matches the company name on file or payment will not be processed for security reasons.

1. There are 2 option to access the Top Up menu. First you can go to the left menu bar on your Buyer account > Money > Recharge. Second option is you can click on the recharge (Plus) icon next to your balance located on the Buyer page.

2. Select Wire Transfer, then click Confirm

3. Select your Buyer Account you want to recharge and fill in the information based on your preferences to top-up via bank transfer. Then click Submit.

4. You will receive an email notification that contain the bank information you need to transfer. Please note that the account number will be different for each account and bank charges to be absorbed by remitter

5. Once you have submitted a payment successfully from your bank, our system will immediately add the balance on your account based on the amount you input before.

Top-up Balance using PayPal :

1. By default, we are disabling this feature for general partner. If you want to top up via PayPal, you need to request first to our administrator.

2. Once your request already approved, go to Buyer Account and Click on the recharge (Plus) icon next to your balance located on the page.


3. Select PayPal and click Confirm

4. Enter Top-Up amount and the Buyer Account you want to recharge, then click on Pay.

*If you do not see PayPal in the list, it means your account has not yet been approved to use this payment method. Please contact your NeutrafiX account manager to request it to be enabled.